Car Accidents & Truck Accidents (Tractor Trailer Wreck)

If you have been injured in a car accident, you might already know how difficult it can be to get an accurate diagnosis of your injuries, your expected recovery time, and how much work you might miss. You shouldn’t face life changing decisions from an auto accident in the state of Tennessee without help from a lawyer.

Doerflinger & Eledge, PLLC know how to work with clients, treating physicians and vocational experts to fully understand your injuries, your right to compensation and collecting what’s legally owed to you.

In some auto accident cases, you can’t tell right away how badly you are hurt.

Since 1975, Doerflinger & Eledge, PLLC have helped countless clients who have been injured in car accidents and truck accidents, also involving tractor trailer wrecks. In many cases, the most valuable advice has been to wait on accepting a settlement for your injuries until you determine the extent of your injuries. Sprains and strains ranging from knee injuries to whiplash can prove to be a serious injury from a car accident causing permanent pain and suffering, even disability and possibly permanent disability.

Car accidents can cause injuries such as brain damage, concussion, headaches, TMJ (jaw), scars and disfigurement, hearing loss, seizures, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, leg pain, rotator cuff tears, herniated and bulging discs, fractures and broken bones, muscle damage, ligament damage, tendon damage, nerve damage, spinal cord injuries, many other physical disabilities and medical problems that can ultimately lead to death from a car wreck.

Certain head injuries with brain damage from concussion are notoriously hard to diagnose and easy to overlook. As your lawyer I work hard to make sure that the damages you recover are for the full range of your injuries, loss of income and future treatment needs, no matter how hard your injuries might be to identify.

While you are recovering from the initial impact of a motor vehicle crash or truck wreck, the insurance company has teams of adjusters, investigators, and attorneys already working to minimize the insurance companies payout. At the same time, your own insurance company is also trying to limit its exposure if you have under insurance coverage. Protect yourself and seek the advise of an experienced auto accident lawyer who knows the law and how to protect your interests.

In Tennessee, car accident victims can be overwhelmed in the immediate aftermath of their injuries whether physical, emotional, or financial. If you are injured in a car wreck, the law firm of Doerflinger & Eledge, PLLC in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee can work to recover the compensation you need for your injuries, lost wages, and other damages.

At the law offices of Doerflinger & Eledge, PLLC we offer a free consultation to discuss your legal needs regarding your case.