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As estate planning attorneys, we can guide and assist clients throughout the whole estate planning process. we listen to my clients and then, together, we design a package for their specific needs.

At Doerflinger & Eledge, PLLC we realize that estate planning is an important part of my clients’ lives. We provide estate planning services to clients in Middle Tennessee inlcuding Lawrence County, Wayne County, Giles County, Maury County, Hardin County, Lewis, Rutherford County. We travel from Lawrenceburg, TN to Columbia, Pulaski, Waynesboro, Collinwood, Murfreesboro, Fayetteville, Winchester, Tullahoma, Manchester, Lewisburg, Hohenwald, Linden, Shelbyville, and Savannah. If you need legal advise from a lawyer outside your county, our law office is here to provide legal help.

As experienced Tennessee estate planning lawyers, We can help you with any of the following estate planning needs:

  • Wills
  • Simple wills
  • Trust creation and administration
  • Probate and probate administration
  • Living trust packages
  • Health care directives
  • Living wills
  • Special needs trusts

My estate planning practice serves the needs for Tennessee family law with the expertise of a distinguished and experienced estate planning attorney. Contact me if you need an attorney that is experienced with estate planning techniques such as preparing living trusts.

A Last Will and Testament is a document that directs the disposition of your real and personal property upon your death.

Wills must be executed properly to be valid and eligible for probate in the State of Tennessee.

Your Will speaks as of the moment of your death. As long as you are alive your Will does not take effect.

So long as you are competent you can change your Will at any time.

It is your LAST Will that will be offered for Probate in the State of Tennessee.

When a Will is attacked the lawsuit is referred to by a lawyer in the State of Tennessee as a Will Contest.

A Tennessee attorney would advise you to have at least one consultation with your lawyer for legal advice before you draft your Last Will and Testament in the State of Tennessee. As your dependant children's needs change, your lawyer will advise you to change or update your Will on a regular basis.

What is Probate and how do we Probate a Will?

Probate is the process of recording the Will with the Court in the State of Tennessee and administering your property in accordance with the Last Will and Testament.

This is a legal procedure that must be followed to execute the Will. If this legal procedure is not followed, the Will may be subject to attack by disgruntled heirs who may file a lawsuit against your Estate.

In the State of Tennessee there is a statutory procedure that must be followed to attack your Last Will and Testament (Will).

Your Will disposes of property in your name alone. Jointly held property in Tennessee does not pass by your Will, but passes to the surviving joint owner or owners by operation of law. Life insurance payable to a named beneficiary does not pass under a Will but passes to the name beneficiary by contract.

Probating a Will can be difficult during the loss of your loved one. Since 1975 our law firm in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee has handled numerous large Estates. As lawyers we will respect your wishes set out in your Last Will and Testament then prepare all your legal documents necessary to Probate your Will in Tennessee to avoid a Will Contest.

Call us to discuss your unique Estate questions. Our law firm does not handle Estates on a percentage basis. This law firm charges an hourly rate for Estates and Will services in Lawrenceburg, TN.