Expungement & Diversion

If you have been arrested or charged with a drug related criminal offense in Middle Tennessee you need an experienced legal defense on your side immediately!! For example, if you are arrested for a drug offense while on a trip to the Bonnaroo Music Festival, your future could be in jeopardy!! You need an experienced Criminal Defense lawyer to protect your legal rights, anytime you are charged with criminal offense in Tennessee.

Expungement & Diversion for Criminal Offenses in Tennessee

Any criminal conviction and particularly any drug related criminal offense will have a serious impact on your life, even if it is “just a misdemeanor”, “just for my personal use” or “just half a joint”. These serious & often permanent consequences may include the possibility of mandatory jail time, the loss of your voting and gun possession rights and thousands of dollars in fines & court costs. Such a conviction, even a misdemeanor may also prevent you in years to come from getting a future job, or entering/advancing in your chosen career field. Other consequences include damage to your reputation in the community, the loss of your professional license and the possibility of spending the rest of your life feeling embarrassed every time you come to the question: Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Yes or No?

If this criminal charge is your first criminal arrest, or if you have only minor prior convictions you MAY be eligible for a “Diversion” program under Tennessee law which was designed for people with little or no prior criminal record. This program could literally be worth it’s weight in gold to you later in life as it allows you to avoid a permanent criminal record IF it is properly arranged BEFORE you enter a plea. A “Diversion” agreement is a special type of probation that allows a person to be placed on supervised probation for a set period of time. If the person successfully completes all probation requirements (reports to the probation officer as directed, pays any fines & costs as directed, passes any random drug screens and gets no additional criminal charges) then that person can petition the Court to “Expunge” or wipe out all record of that criminal case.

Other types of criminal charges MAY also be expunged with Court approval. If you were charged with multiple criminal offenses but most were dismissed or retired when you pled guilty to one or two charges, then we may be able to expunge the dismissed or retired charges to “clean up” your record. An Expungement of this type may mean the difference between getting or losing that great job you really want years after you entered your guilty plea. After all, if you were an employer who would YOU rather hire……a person with one or two prior criminal convictions or one with multiple prior charges and prior criminal convictions on their record?

Contact W. Charles Doerflinger and William J. Eledge at DOERFLINGER & ELEDGE, PLLC to speak to a criminal defense lawyer who will look into the facts of your case and see if a Diversion or Expungement may be available in your situation.